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Amp build question EL84 versus 6V6 on Deluxe OT

2/8/2005 2:00 PM
Rick N.Amp build question EL84 versus 6V6 on Deluxe OT
I was wondering if it would be possible to build a 18 watt marshall style amp but using the fender deluxe OT and PT and using 2X EL84 versus the 6V6 power tube?  
I'm looking for a cheaper way to build this amp as I have a Deluxe PT and OT laying around not used.  
Has anyone done this? What is the max DC voltage the EL84 power tubes can take?  
also I'm thinking maybe doing the master volume 18 watter instead of a non master amp. Has any one tried this with a lower wattage amp?  
Or should I try this using 6V6 power tubes with a marshall master circuit instead?  
Looking for others views on doing this.  

Bruce /Mission Amps Yes and no, sorta.The OT ye... -- 2/8/2005 4:23 PM