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Re: Hammond OT...5K primary too high for 2 EL-34's?

1/19/2005 12:25 PM
JohanRe: Hammond OT...5K primary too high for 2 EL-34's?
..for what its worth..I own two mid 70's Orange Graphic's ( 1 -74 and 1 -76 ). All the transformers in both units has a little stricker saying "parmeko"...  
allthough 1 unit is 120watt and the other is 80watt, they have the same transformers throughout, only the 80watter doesnt have a secondary for the 4ohm position ( they are soldered offset on the ohmselector at 8-16 and what would be 32 ohms..)  
..hope this can help you...  

Nick Thanks Johan,Yeah..... -- 1/19/2005 1:15 PM