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Marshall 70's Alu-panels?

12/24/2004 4:09 AM
JohanMarshall 70's Alu-panels?
hello all  
I've been looking anyone, anywhere at all, making replacement frontpanels for seventies marshalls? I've found plexi-replicas but I want the brushed aluminum panel that sits on my -73 Super Bass  
I bought this amp in -87. then it sat in my garage for a long time in the 90's. now I have restored it, removed the mods that was in the amp when I bought it ( a master and some clipping diods??? ) replaced tubes and electrolytes. it sounds amazing but the holes in the front bothers me a bit...not enough to replace the front with a plexipanel, but if I found a correct aluminum-panel I would..  
these amps are geting collectible too and have a vintage value, right? again, does anyone know of anybody selling brushed aluminum panels for seventies 100watt Marshall's?  

jeremy maybe make one up yourself? using c... -- 12/24/2004 5:33 AM