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Re: Valvestate Vs65r Tranny specs?

12/20/2004 2:39 PM
Tiago Pires
Re: Valvestate Vs65r Tranny specs?
Some transformers has their winding wire large enough to supply the total power in each one of the winding, for example:  
A transfomer rated for 100VA with two 50V windings.  
You can have 1 ampere in each winding, but if you dont use one of the windings, then you can take 2 ampere from the other winding...  
What I want to do is replace all what is inside of the amp with a tube preamp+poweramp made by me...  
The 12volt winding would be used to supply the preamp heaters and for the power tubes a 3A toroidal (low noise and space) will do the job...  
But first I must know if the 270volt winding will not burn my house...  

Wild Bill Tiago, the total VA rating you ment... -- 12/20/2004 6:01 PM