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Re: GT 6L6 - made in US?

10/2/2004 8:59 AM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: GT 6L6 - made in US?
They are NOT made in the US!!!! They are contact manufactured in China. GT ONLY does the final pinout in California. That's ALL. Pittman is up to his usual dirty tricks. If you'll read the fine print on the website and in the various press release, the tubes are supposedly 90 or 95% US content, depending on which figure GT felt like quoting that day.  
GT bought the plate material from the Chinese factory who build the tubes. Richardson Electronics had sold it to the Chinese after they shut down the tube plant in Owensboro, KY. Richardson had been producing 6550A's and exporting them as Amperex 6550's and KT88 using the same material which was left after GE shut down the plant in 1987. They also sold the tubes to SLM for use in their Ampeg SVT amps The Owensboro plant was initally KenRad before GE bought it.  
All of GT's "new" tubes, 6CA7, 6L6"GE" are based off their aquired designs which came via Richardson/China and all are made in China, same as their new "Mullard."

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