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Re: caps, opinions, etc..

11/18/2004 2:30 PM
SpeedRacerRe: caps, opinions, etc..
as I understand it, it is phase changes that cause the rolloffs you hear (or the rolloffs cause phase shifts!), and mixing N+1 caps in parallel mixes those phase changes together in some fun way. Not sure if you would get comb-filtering or what, but there seems to be some consensus that it does something audible. I mean Korg would not have bothered IMHO if it was pure BS, and I do recall Randall Aiken coming up with some calcs etc to support what folks claimed to be hearing. I was not a beleiver until Trace came over one time and we did a bunch of a/b testing and the better "thicker" tone each time was the dual cap. Phase-shifts and combfiltering have proven a very popular combo over the years with human beings.. the leslie cabinet comes to mind.. double tracking, chorus & flanging effects, etc.  
re: hearing. I am a big beleiver in some folks hearing what others cannot. The engineer I worked with (John Siket [phish, Yo La Tengo, sonic youth, Freedy Johnson, Chris Stamey, and me!]) could pick out all sorts of stuff in mixes that left me gasping.. I thought I was good. (don't we all!) but I got schooled.. Bob my original guitar teacher taught me to listen to what string someone was riffing on, to hear wound vs plain, to hear what pickup, open tuned vs standard, what kind of guitar it might be, how much overdrive was really on it, etc. I taught my wife (non musician) to hear a 6 string or 12 and a strat from just about anything else. She could not do that before. It's a learning process. Why is hearing components any different? Just bc I can't doesn't mean no one can.

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