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Compare Boss Choruses?

4/27/2005 2:19 PM
Rich Stevens
Compare Boss Choruses?
'Way back in the early 80's, I went through a couple of Boss CE-2's; those were pretty much the standard for chorus back then, and I liked 'em. In the late 80's I bought a DC-2 Dimension C, the purple 4-button jobbie,that I still have today. It has an awsome chorus sound, but I'm not sure it's my sound. So, I'm thinking about trading down to a Boss Chorus with knobs.  
There are plenty of all the CE- models on eBay, but I've only ever played the CE-2. Of course, those have the most vintage cache, which may or may not make them sound good, but it certainly makes them more expensive. Especially those black-label ones; black must sound a whole bunch better than green.  
Anywho, there are also plenty of CE-3's and CE-5's around. They aren't as collectible, and are therefore cheaper. Since I haven't played either of them, I'm turning to youze guys.  
How do the CE-3 and CE-5 compare to the CE-2? Same sound with additional features, or different sounds altogether? Do those extra knobs give me anything worthwhile, or will I end up setting them to get outta the way, and let the box sound like a CE-2?

Mark Hammer It would seem that the differences ... -- 4/27/2005 2:53 PM