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A few words in my own defence.

3/13/2004 10:37 AM
HumbuckerA few words in my own defence.
A few words in my own defence.  
Well, first of all, to A. Coleman I want to tell you that you're dead wrong in your insinuating that I'm aware that there's some sort of fuss on this BB about ZVEX and his designs being used by DIYers out there. That really bugs me.  
Yes, I'm on this site often but I don't have the luxury to spend much time when I do check-in as I'm not online at home. So yes, you've seen me post here often enough but I don't get to read as many posts as I'd like, so there. When I used to have internet at home I would read through just about everything on this website, that ain't the case anymore. So if there's been some problems with ZVEX and others I wasn't aware of it, ok?!  
As for asking for particulars about a given design, I guess I'm just used to dealing with guys like Joe Gagan, etc... people that love to give information. But if a designer doesn't want to share information I'm totally ok with that too, I can completely see that side of it too. When I seen this FF schematic at Pedals4Proles, I thought the line at the bottom "I grant you permission to copy and distribute with reckless abandon" or something along those lines, I honestly thought that it was from ZVEX himself! I guess not!  
So all the power to ZVEX, I won't even attempt to build this pedal now.

A Colman No wonder there's all this turmoil ... -- 3/13/2004 11:58 AM