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Re: Keith Dude..

10/23/2005 11:24 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: Keith Dude..
Hey Keith,  
Let me say this first,  
Thank you for the offer but I don't really need anyone to draw a schematic or layout of my own mods for me and publish it all over the Net.  
Regardless, it has been my impression (right or wrong) that you also have been begging for a freebie, plus I don't think you've really read what I said either.  
Here it is again from a previous reply to you from me,  
""The builders guide "zip file" is sent, by me, to the Tone/vol mod kit BUYERS via email."
The key word there was, "buyers".  
Maybe you don't know this but, some of these builder/tweakers here are my customers and support me and my business, morally and financially.  
The builder/tweakers that have my little mods, probably paid their own hard earned money for them, ...for which I include the documentation, layout artwork, 30 to 35 digital photos of the build/tweak with comments, all the parts and free phone and or email support from me if needed.  
That might not mean anything to you but it does to me and I wish to protect them.  
I see no reason to dilute their investment in me or my products.  
As a side note:  
if you would have looked a little deeper, you should have been able to figure most all of these mods out yourself from the many threads we have discusssed here on the AMPAGE/tweed builders page.  

bob p [QUOTE]Let me say this first, -- 11/5/2005 8:29 AM