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Re: 5E3 Cabinet Question

5/3/2005 11:27 PM
Re: 5E3 Cabinet Question
Weber 12F150 (ceramic) or 12A150 (alnico) - will give excellent bottom end and a little later break up than some vintage speakers - but still has the vintage fender tone (because it is designed off of a vintage fender after all - although more of an early 60s than a 50s fender). The Celestion G12H30 also has nice bottom, but will cost you nearly the same as the Weber alnico. It is fairly vintage sounding to me as far as Celestions go. The webers are 25w or so (a 50w version is available) and the celestion is a 30w speaker - making them excellent matches for 5E3s that are pushed hard.  
Some have liked the sound of the Reverend Alltone 12" speaker as well, but I have heard you can only buy it used now - I think that one was a 50w speaker.  
I think the howl has more to do with the gain of the amplifier than the speaker. It is pretty easy to get a real hollowbody to howl with a 5E3.