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Re: Preamp tube bias

4/8/2005 5:46 PM
William Jahnkow
Re: Preamp tube bias
I don't know about 50 messages , most of it is questions about a few mods and more about trying to find out how this amp is supposed to sound .  
I had the right sound but wanted to change a few things .  
But fear not , I purchased a book on tube amps so I will be able to dig through there and find many answers .  
I am novice , it's been less than a year that I've been tinkering with amps , before it was fuses and tubes ant that's about it .  
I am not a novice to playing guitar and using tube amps going on 41 years but even then tweeds were not the big thing , blackface fender piggy backs as they were called were the big thing and BFSR's . At the time anything less than that you were underpowered even in a garage band .  
A dual showman was the last stop , the final reach of power .  
This is my first home brew after one STF champ head kit and so far both worked the first time the switch was on .  
This amp was built off the fender schematics alone and if I would have trusted instinct and fender time proven methodes I would never have had a ground hum in the first place .  
I'm sure most of all the amps I've owned were running alot hotter than the tube specs call max and none ever broke down .  
I have no idea what they were running at , whatever fender or vox or peavy and harmony and silvertone set them at before they were boxed up and shipped out .  
I did know one thing , you don't take a hot BFSV out of a club into 20 below zero Jan Chicago cold unless you want to spring for all new tubes , made the fellow at the radio repair shop pretty happy at the time .