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Re: Volume is low - controls dont work

10/3/2004 2:26 PM
JPRe: Volume is low - controls dont work
I'd check the simple things first.  
You said you have another 5E3 - try plugging your other speaker jack into this amp, try plugging this amps speaker jack into the other amp - rule out a bad speaker, bad speaker cable, etc.  
Try swapping the tubes out from one to the other to rule out a bad tube.  
Does your multimeter have a continuity check function (beeps if a connection is complete, doesn't beep if not)? Try using that to make sure all the connections are complete and you don't have a cold solder joint, the hookup wire hasn't snapped, etc.  
For example, put one probe on pin 3 of V1 and the other on the junction of the cathode cap/resistor cosest to the tube on the far right hand side of the board.