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Less Bass Mod - Once again

9/29/2004 6:46 AM
Less Bass Mod - Once again
Can someone please post either a link or the instructions for the "Less Bass Mod". I've got a couple boost/OD pedals that allow me to cut bass/cut treble and cutting some bass by way of the pedal seemed to help tighten up the low end and add a bit of punch so maybe that's what I need to concentrate on. This is with a Tele (Tex Mex Tele PUs in Bridge position) and a 12" ALNICO Blue Dog.  
Tried searching the forum but couldn't come up w/ anything. Anyone know how long the threads are archived here?  
There's a little more detail in the "5E3 with 2x10's....which 10" speakers?" thread below but thought this would be more visible.  

Chris @ CMW amps -- 9/29/2004 6:44 AM
Scott_F uh, change your speaker? that'd do... -- 9/29/2004 1:46 PM