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Re: Ted suggested 10F150T's...

9/29/2004 6:35 AM
Re: Ted suggested 10F150T's...
Sounds like I'm looking for the same thing you are but in a 12".  
Just finished my 5E3 (with a little help from Bruce - thanks Bruce!) and I've got it hooked up to a single 30W ALNICO Blue Dog in another open back cabinet at the moment. I've also got a Greenback in that cab so I'm going to switch over to that in a couple days and see how I like that.  
The one thing I noticed w/ the BD is a total lack of, as you say, spank, punch, and tight bottom (and this is the bridge of a Tele - albeit w/ TexMex Tele PUs versus Vintage style) - love the highs and mids though. Not sure how much of that is the speaker, the amp, the tubes, etc.  
I need to give Bruce a call and discuss maybe retubing or switching out a couple components but after I get some more time under my belt and give the GB a shot (promise I won't keep you as long this time Bruce).  
Anyway, I'd be really interested in what your outcome is so let us know!  
PS - Can someone please post either a link or the instructions for the "Less Bass Mod". I've got a couple boost/OD pedals that allow me to cut bass/cut treble and cutting some bass by way of the pedal seemed to help so maybe that's what I need to concentrate on.  
Tried searching the forum but couldn't come up w/ anything. Anyone know how long the threads are archived here?

Chris @ CMW amps Hi JPI'm prett happ... -- 9/29/2004 6:43 AM