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Re: O'Connors TUT 1

9/28/2004 6:03 AM
Re: O'Connors TUT 1
I was actually speaking to Bruce Collins about this last night and asked him when he was going to write a book.  
Another book I've found useful in "bringing it together" is called "Beginner's Guide to Tube Audio Design" by Bruce Rozenblit. It's oriented towards Hi-Fi but the concepts are all the same.  
Bruce suggested Dave Funk's "Tube Amp Workbook". Will be picking that up soon.  
The AX84 P1 Theory of Operation and two papers called "Loadlines made easy" are very useful as well.  
The "Tech Info" section at Aiken Amps is worth a drive-by as well.  
The first section of the RCA Receiving Tube Manual has some information on how tubes work - the rest of the book is specs/reference on different tube types.  
I've got TUT1 as well but haven't made it very far through yet.

bnwitt Jp, thanks for those links... -- 9/29/2004 12:24 PM