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Re: 5e3 deluxe as a 15" tweed pro?....

8/8/2004 7:25 AM
Re: 5e3 deluxe as a 15" tweed pro?....
I was thinking this same thing. The 5E3 circuit has so much bass, would this improve the quality of the bass or just enhance it? I am still tweaking out the bass demons. I ended up using the 12" cabinet I bought for an 18 watt lite amp that was ready to go. The cabinet resonance was bad for my 5E3 (too bassy)when cranked. That probably could have been resolved as it sounded great otherwise. Going to tweek some coupling caps. As I am running my amp close to Pro conditions, why not use a Pro cab?  

Tedd Sorry for ressurecting an old topic... -- 8/27/2004 7:13 AM