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Re: Meters and Pickup Impedance

10/22/2004 1:49 PM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Meters and Pickup Impedance
Sheldon Dingwall said:  
"My Chinese meter tests everything below 2H at 1Khz, but above 2H (pickups) at 100Khz."  
That seems too backwards to be true. I bet that the above-2H test signal is 100 Hertz, not 100 Kilohertz (even if the manual claims KHz); and the below-2H test signal is 1,000 Hertz.  
Radio coils (with inductances in the microhenrys and millihenrys) are often measured at 100 KHz or 1,000 KHz.  
With any luck, the writer (or translator) of the manual is neither a native English speaker nor an engineer, and simply mixed things up.  
If one has a DMM that measures frequency, one can test the issue by connecting the DMM across the component being tested and reading the voltage and frequency. Or, one can use an o-scope the same way.