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Re: Assembling humbuckers sucks.....

10/18/2004 2:37 PM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Assembling humbuckers sucks.....
Perhaps SK knows the specific alloy that those stainless steel baseplates are made of. It probably matters, as the more stain-resistant grades are harder to solder. Not that any are impossible.  
I use an ancient 42-watt temperature-controlled Weller iron, with the 3/16" screwdriver tip, and have no problem with 0.030" steel sheet.  
And tinners flux (aka, tinners fluid) is ancient, having been in wide use for centuries. It may date back to the Romans. Plumbing supply houses may carry it. Also used for soldering galvanized steel gutters.  
Industrial users use phosphoric-acid based fluxes for soft soldering stainless steel, the advantage being that less post-soldering cleanup is needed.  
Anyway, there is no reason for soldering stainless steel to be a problem.

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