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Re: Cutting Out Flatwork (Forbon)

9/19/2004 5:57 PM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Cutting Out Flatwork (Forbon)
Hmm. I do know that the fiberboard I've seen lately (as part of insulated washers, for instance) was very hard and dense, far more so than I recall from 20 years ago. However, I do see that people still make luggage and the like out of vulcanized fiber, so there may be some other grade or kind that's used, and resembles Forbon. I would guess that luggage makers want something that resembles leather in physical properties, but not price.  
I guess I will eventually buy some board from various suppliers, but it appears that forbon won't be included, for lack of availability, so the comparison cannot be complete. (I plan to start with molded bobbins, so eventually may be a while.)  
That said, I don't think a router and a spur-tip drill can tell the difference, even if utility knives are no longer useful.