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Re: Cutting Out Flatwork (Forbon)

9/17/2004 10:42 PM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Cutting Out Flatwork (Forbon)
I'm having some trouble believing that vulcanized fiber is no longer made in the US. The patents ran out before 1880, the stuff is very widely used in manufacturing, and is manufactured by at least a hundred companies worldwide, many here in the US. Too many people use it for companies to just abandon it, even if one company decides to exit the business. Vulcanized fiber is a commodity.  
The company that invented vulcanized fiber, NVF, still seems to carry it, if their website is to be believed: <>. (Was NVF the folk whose machine caught fire?)  
I found 10 hits claiming to serve Boston when I searched at: <>. These included ESPE.  
These folk sell over the internet, in small quantities: <> - seems to max out at 1/16 inch, if the webpage is accurate, but I would call and ask.  
Other kinds of insulation material is offered, but in full 36x48 sheets: <>.

Andrew C Joe,The problem it appears ... -- 9/19/2004 3:37 AM