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Re: Usable wire? - Soderon?

9/14/2004 3:37 AM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Usable wire? - Soderon?
The trick with such kinds of wire is to use a very hot iron, and do the deed very quickly.  
I first used solder-eze magnet wire for pot core coils, and found that the nylon bobbin would melt as I was trying to solder the wire to the bobbin terminals. This was with a 600 degree F tip, and it took forever, and did a lousy job, not really stripping the wire properly.  
After some experimentation, I found that an 800 degree F tip worked very well, stripping and soldering the wire in one or two seconds and a puff of smoke, not long enough to melt the bobbin. Nor does 800 degrees hurt the copper.  
The soldering iron is an ancient (circa 1972) Weller WTCP iron, which is 42 watts and temperature controlled, so it doesn't overheat when idling.