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Re: couple P90 questions

8/23/2004 8:55 AM
Josh Pardes
Re: couple P90 questions
You'll ruin the pup with samarium-cobalt or NeFb magents for sure. I would also be afraid of using a vacumn cleaner plus it probably wouldn't work unless you had some kind of adapter that would narrow the vacumn intake to the size of a pencil eraser. The magnetic attraction is too strong. Honestly, you are probably ok unless the pickup is shorting out. I am assuming there is tape around the windings which would have kept it out of there.I would take the baseplate off and see if there is any dust on the underside of the bobbin (most likely stuck to the magnets). If there is, dampen a paper towel and push gently over the dust, then slide it toward the edge of the magnet and right as you are about to slide off the edge, pinch the paper towel to grab the dust. Tear off the piece that has the steel dust and repeat until you are satisfied. Do the same on the top of the bobbin. Be VERY careful not to get any water on the coil windings as it can lead to corrosion. If you are concerned you don't have to dampen the towel but it will be a lot more time consuming as the dampness helps get a better pinch. I was playing around with a junk mexi-strat pickup (steel pole-pieces with ceramic mag) and took my dremel to the polepieces grinding them down so there was no stagger. Steel dust got all over the pickup. I didn't even bother getting it off since I was just going to gut it and keep the bobbin after I was done messing around with it. When I tried it out it worked fine and the only tonal difference I heard was more balanced volume between the strings from the leveling. You should be fine.  
You are correct about the wood spacers, however they only offer some magnetic issolation, not complete. I have always used spacers with P90's however I don't see why you need to do that. In theory, the baseplate would enlarge the magetic field which could lead to some tonal differences. To what degree I can't say as I've never tried it before. If I was going to try it, I would place a strip of black electricians tape under the magnets so to prevent electric conductivity, and I would also ground the baseplate if your guitar is not shielded. It won't make a huge difference in quieting hum but every little bit helps. You should probably shoot Jason an email and see if he has any advice regarding the spacers.