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Re: J bass Humbucker

8/20/2004 10:09 PM
Josh Pardes
Re: J bass Humbucker
I hate to promote Seymour Duncan, but a friend of mine has a squier J Bass and he put a set of Duncan Lightning Rod's (active circuit) in there. WOW is all I can say. It sounds better than stock USA J Basses now. Quiet too. I also agree with Dave. The high-end EMG's sound great on a bass. The guitar pups on the other hand, ehhhh, yeah. I'd rather not comment if I have to say something bad. I have made a J Bass pickup in the manner that you are talking about and they sound good, not exactly like a real single coil, but I honestly doubt that anyone but you would notice in the full mix of a band. On the plus side, they are slightly punchier than a single coil so your notes stand out more in a mix. On the down side, you loose a small portion of upper end harmonics and chime. They still have a definite single-coil signature to them.