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Re: Tone Control wiring help needed

8/20/2004 9:46 PM
Josh Pardes
Re: Tone Control wiring help needed
It sounds like "The Pro" used linear taper pots rather than audio taper pots. That is exactly what they would do. Does the volume do a rapid drop off as well? Check all your pots and any that have the problem, replace them with the same value but make sure they are audio taper. They sell the good ones at or if you have a competent guitar tech in the area, they probably have them too. Another thing you might want to do when you get the new ones is to test them with a volt/ohm meter and make sure that they are all close to what they are supposed to be. I have seen a lot of pots supposedly 250k, that measure 225k and same with 500k. Good luck. Try and get "The Pro" to reimburse you since you had to redo the whole damn thing yourself anyway.