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Re: Eddy Currents Talk?

8/20/2004 9:36 PM
Josh Pardes
Re: Eddy Currents Talk?
Were the other pickups that were not producing the sound humbucking or single coils? The reason that I ask is because single coils are sensitive to AC fluctuations and since the noise is rythmic, it leads me to suspect that there is an electric device in your house that emits line noise. Also, is the wiring in the house old or new? You would be amazed at how many older homes, and even newer homes have ground loops in the electrical wiring. I would suspect that there is something in the home producing noise before I suspected the pickups. You might want to try taking your rig to a buddies house and seeing if identical noise is present. If not, you have your answer, or on the contrary if so, then it is something in your rig. Before you jump to the conclusiong that it is your pickups, take one of your afflicted basses to a music store and play through one of their amps. That should narrow it down even further. If you still here it, open up the control cavity, check all solder points, and make sure that it is shielded and you don't have any ground loops in the circuit. If it still does it, then it just may be your pups. Yeah, a lot of hassle, but it is worth it to track down the culprit. Good luck.  

Ron Good point! Yes, it's an old house.... -- 8/22/2004 7:21 AM