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Re: dual resonance coils

8/15/2004 9:30 PM
Josh Pardes
Re: dual resonance coils
Honestly the only measuring of the output of each coil I did was by using my ears and a DPDT switch to tap either coil so as to provide a quick and easy a/b test. What I found was that the output of each side varied a little, but to make up for this, I used adjustable pole pieces on each coil so I could fine tune the pickup to sound exactly how I wanted it to. Too bad Dimarzio has a copyright on this stuff because I made a few pups that sounded superb for high gain applications. Oh, one other thing you guys might want to try is potting with laquer. It gives the pickup a more sterile sound when played clean, but it makes the pickup sound even tighter when dosed up with a truckload of gain. Now, if you want even more output without excessive winding (mud), use three magnets, ie: Gibson Dirty Fingers. Hope this helps.  

Matt hey thanks alot for that, i think ... -- 8/16/2004 3:45 PM