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Re: dual resonance coils

8/15/2004 9:31 AM
Josh Pardes
Re: dual resonance coils
Hey Matt, I just thought I would mention that I have messed around with the "dual resonance" thing and for what you are trying to achieve, I would go with 42 and 43 guage wire. I would also suggest using ceramic magnets as they will provide a more pronounced high end and more overall output. What I found worked best was to wind the coil with 42 guage until you have your desired resistance, I guess 10k or so in your case, then instead of winding the 43 guage coil to the same number or turns, wind it to the same resistance. This will do two important things. Firstly, the hum will be cancelled out better since the resistance matches, and secondly, the coil with the 43 guage wire will actually be brighter than the 42 guage coil. They will both have the same output and you can fine tune your sound by reversing the way you mount the pickup on the guitar. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Sheldon Dingwall That's good info Josh. Have you me... -- 8/15/2004 7:04 PM