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Re: By golly, I just don't know!?!?!

8/1/2004 6:02 PM
Jeff G.
Re: By golly, I just don't know!?!?!
Thanks for the input.  
All of my amps are tube amps. They just happen to be 100W because that's what I gravitate toward. I'm not into fast licks since I can't play them myself and would prefer to hear something "tastey" versus "flashy." If I find a 25 W tube amp, and believe me I look, that satisfies my cravings like my 100 Watters do, I'll be all over it. I can play the blues, but don't feel compelled to love the blues just because I play guitar. I agree that most of the stock P-90s I've heard so far don't sound too good. I'm hoping to do my part to remedy that, along with the rest of y'all on the board here. My initial reference to Jake E. Lee was more my surprise that it appeared to be a P-90 than a reverence for his chops, although I do like the particular song a lot.  
Anyhoo. Thanks again ... to everyone!

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