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Re: By golly, I just don't know!?!?!

7/24/2004 6:55 PM
Jeff G.
Re: By golly, I just don't know!?!?!
I think it's the "strat-ish-ness" that kind of throws me. I love the crunch of a humbucker, and am so used to it that anything else just sounds "off" so to speak. I tried to just go with it the other night, and I think I'm coming around. All the advice I can get would be helpful though.  
Funny, I was watching VH-1 Classic last night, and Jake E. Lee was using an SG-looking guitar (probably a knockoff of some sort) with a single dog-ear P-90 on the song "Shot In The Dark." Could be a different guitar in the video, I guess, but it's not what I would ever think a P-90 might sound like. Kind of buzzy on the rhythm, but thick on the lead (understanding that there are probably a lot of effects in the chain).

ChrisM That's exactly what a p-90 sounds l... -- 7/24/2004 11:20 PM