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Makin' Spacers

7/21/2004 2:41 AM
Jeff G.
Makin' Spacers
Well, it's been a bit difficult to obtain pre-cut maple spacers for buckers that are consistent in size/dimensions. Sometimes they're fine, but often I end up "shimming" them with electrical tape so that the bucker bobbins are level with each other on final assembly, and cutting them down in length to fit within the frame properly.  
So, I figure why not use 1/8" tempered hardboard? I mean it's uniform in thickness and all I gotta do is cut them out, right? So I bought a sheet (peg board type actually, so it would fit in the trunk of my Accord) at the hardware store and it seems to match the magnet thickness quite well.  
Here's the thing. I own almost no power tools, but I'd like to cut a pantload of these so I have them on hand. I'm thinking an inexpensive Scroll Saw would be the way to go. What do y'all think would be the best tool for cutting these fairly accurately? Anybody else doing something like this?

Dave Stephens I think the problem you're going to... -- 7/21/2004 8:21 AM