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By golly, I just don't know!?!?!

7/21/2004 2:16 AM
Jeff G.
By golly, I just don't know!?!?!
Adding the first letter of my last name to posts since I see another Jeff is onboard.  
Anyway, I'm a bit perplexed with respect to P-90s. I know some of you are all about P-90s, but I've always been a died-in-the-wool bucker man. Still, my first real "order" for pickups was for a set of P-90s. I tried to dissuade the fellow, but he insisted on P-90s to replace mini-buckers in a Gold Top RI. It's been a few weeks, and he hasn't installed them yet and I'll admit that I'm nervous about it. Like all of us, I want to sell a quality product and I hope that he likes them.  
I was playing earlier tonight with a newer guitar that I bought that has a single P-90 in it. I bought it just because of that. It's hard getting used to the tone, but I think I'm getting it now. My question is how are these things really SUPPOSED to sound?  
I built the one that's in the guitar now ... a little over 8k DC. It has a bit of twang to it I'd say, reminiscent of "Born on the Bayou." It'll bite pretty good when I hit it fairly hard, and still sounds fairly loud but nice when I roll the volume way back to clean it up.  
What would you folks say is the best example of recorded P-90 tone? I need something to gauge by.  
FWIW, I was running mine through a 1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead dialed to my normal bucker settings.

Dave Stephens You're going to get alot of differe... -- 7/21/2004 8:16 AM