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Re: Bad Tone Day

5/12/2004 12:41 PM
Dave StephensRe: Bad Tone Day
SK: I pretty much do the same thing you do, they find me and its word of mouth. Also had an overly zealous review of my first strat set by the All Things Strat website, the guy that runs that is a jewel. He love my over the top tube amp pushing set and was very encouraging to me. My link on his site has sold several sets of pickups to happy customers.  
I do the same things you do I talk at length by emails to the players, and I mean we talk alot before I do anything. I get alot of emails from kids just wanting to talk pickups and I always talk with them and try to educate them because some day they will buy someone's pickups that didn't come out of some computerized machine if I schooled them right. Yes I need to make this into a paying deal, and maybe I come across sometimes on the list as arrogant, or too wordy, but its just because I am passionate about music. Even in my graphic design business, the only real satisfying work I've done was for EMG and Shrapnel Records and the many unprofitable band and music CDs I've done over the years, and Shrapnel continues to keep me busier than crap even after 20 years, and I make a very poor living doing it. If I wanted to do stuff for money I wouldn't be involved in music at all...I don't push my pickups on anyone and if they don't like them they can send them back no quesitons asked, or if they are decent folks I will rewind them and make them work for them. I have had only one customer who decided after two months that he wanted something different and I gave him a new set of pickups that he liked better in exchange without extra charge. I learn something new from every customer. The Portland Music experience taught me something and I am rethinking some things now, in order to have a wider range of choices for players.  
So, sometimes I get too enthusiastic about this stuff in the forum here, but I treat my customers like kings and queens and they have to be satisfied which is the bottom line. That being said, still if someone tells me they are using a Line6 or a POD or some crap hybrid amp I will decline the work. I make it pretty clear on my website that I play and prefer a certain type of pickup and tone and thats what I make, and the players that I want to supply to. So maybe some of you think I am a jerk because I how I felt in that situation and how i thought about it, but I treated that kid with respect and he never knew how frustrated I felt, and you guys are the only ones I shared that with. He likes his crap tube emulating amp and the SG with the "glassy" P90s from hell and there is nothing I make that would satisfy him, he lives on Venus and I live on Mars, and thats OK.  
Greg: hey you ought to come out to Duff's Garage today at 9:30pm and hang out and see the blues masters host the first set and watch me play my nasty P90s in the jam, and play with us. Yes, I know about Old Town Music but trying to park around there is a bitch. Jeff wired my rewound pickups and one of my own pickups in Curtis Salgado's guitar player's strat so he likes my work but I haven't connected with those guys yet. My test strat I bought there. but after the Portland Music let down I am reluctant to even try showing my product off in a bad situation again. At some point I will just drop off a card and see if Jeff is in. I love my P90 pickups but they aren't everybody's cup of tea. If you show up at Duff's just ask around for "possum" and they point you to me. Bring your guitar. If you've never seen Suburban Slim or Marco Savo you are in for a major treat, they aren't your regular blues crap. One of my favorite drummers told me that Slim made him rethink his ideas about electric guitar, and thats why I have been hanging around there for two years solid. OK, I'm blabbing again.......Dave

Greg Simon Hey Dave, it sounds like fun! I hav... -- 5/12/2004 7:39 PM