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Re: how to cut small parts out of steel?

12/29/2003 7:23 AM
Dave StephensRe: how to cut small parts out of steel?
Jason: thanks for the insight. How many am I going to make? I don't have a clue yet, my website has to be launched by Jan 4th when Vintage Guitar magazine mails their next issue with my tiny ad in it. So I have not officially launched yet except making some pickups for local guys. I'll try the tin snips route, I've made a couple with a jeweler's saw and it just is a huge waste of time, almost an hour to cut out grind and sand and drill, ridiculous. I don't even like base plates on tele pickups, they don't add much for my tastes but I know people are gonna ask for it. . But I am also toying with making a humbucking strat pickup for those who like that sort of thing and I need to make a middle steel plate inbetween the two coils and so there's another steel cutting nightmare. You can see my under construction page at:  
It should be up and running in under a week I hope or I'm screwed, way too much work.......Dave  
PS. I will have a link to your site and book there for sure...

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