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Re: If Bush would just quit acting like a liberal..

8/12/2004 2:38 AM
No HateRe: If Bush would just quit acting like a liberal..
Just to even the playing field - there's wayyyyyy more white folks on welfare than black folks (or whatever minority). As a percentage of race the minority may be higher, but numbers-wise its not even close. That being said, I think what you say has some merit, and that the left does, in fact, pander to those who would abuse the system. Why work for a vote when yo can buy it?  
A good friend of mine likes to discuss politics with me. He's black, and is a clinton-loving democrat. The funny thing is, he is very religious (Southern Baptist), and holds ALOT of the same values that are traditionally associated with the republicans : Gays are ok, but a marriage is between a man and a woman; Abortion is not a method of birth control; lower taxes are a good thing. I tease him and tell him that he's a closet republican and get a good chuckle. What's funny is that we both know it's true to a certain degree. And it's true for a large % of the black population. What's keeping them out of the republican party is a black leadership that beats the republicans are a buch of white, racist, good ol boys into the collective heads of their constituency. One day this will change, as my friend is slowly starting to realize, and the democratic party will be left with nothing but the welfare and PETA vote.

Minority report Just to even the playing field -... -- 8/12/2004 3:47 AM