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no, more than just poetry

2/12/2004 5:07 PM
Lord, more than just poetry
[QUOTE]If the word became flesh (which seems to be the heart of the matter) then why would it just be a concept of the mind? More then just beautiful poetry. :)  
John Fisher  
More than a poetry, rather, to me it sounds like:  
1. We have imagined a God who loves humanity, so much that he has sacrified his only son for mankind's sins to prove his love.  
2. We have made people believe him and built a religion around concepts like 'the one who serves other people serves God'.  
3. Now just because people believe in that God, effectively he is as real as as if he would be, if he were actually real.  

John Fisher [QUOTE]Now just because people beli... -- 2/12/2004 9:02 PM