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Re: the dead sea scrolls

2/10/2004 1:21 PM
Lord the dead sea scrolls
"Sounds like your headed down the Jewish path of enlightenment "
Forgive my inadequate understanding of English, what does this sentence mean? If you mean that I am going the way of believing the Jewish Bible, don't worry about that; I am interested in learning about that too, but believing is something else. (In fact shortly ago I was reading about Judaism from a Jewish website with Turkish content - It doesn't hurt to learn the way other people see the world through their eyes.  
"......And has what to do with Jesus?"
The content of the scrolls (as described in that website) and that of the Christian Bible sounds suspiciously similar, as if the Christian Bible has been written or at least planned before Jesus.  
By the way, do you have a link to the other versions of the Christian bible? (e.g that of Paul, Luke and... what was the last? I've read only that of John.)  

Frank DeSalvo [QUOTE]Sounds like your headed down... -- 2/10/2004 3:09 PM