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Re: the dead sea scrolls

2/10/2004 7:33 AM
Lord the dead sea scrolls
"If there were no power in the Word of Christ, then I wuldn't be wasting my time and energy in its pursuit."
There is power in his word.  
"Someone said it best when he said of Jesus: "Either He is the Son of God or He was just plain Crazy.""
That someone is probably wrong. To me he neither appears to be the Son of God, nor crazy, not at all. He rather appears to be a rational human being devoted himself to defeating false gods of the Romans, which does not serve humanity and replace them with one that loves humanity and has moral values. He (Jesus) is probably from a Jewish masonic organization devoted to the same purpose.  
This purpose when accomplished not only defeats Romans (the enemy), but is also beneficial to their (Romans') well being, also. This is the best way to defeat an enemy!:)  
"If you really want to know what Jesus is about and you aren't afraid of committing a bit of time to Him, then study His word and apply it and watch it come alive within you. You must first accept and receive the Holy Spirit and then confess and believe with all of your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God."
I've read the John's bible.  
( )  
Is there any others that I should read?  
"Imagine having a God that acts as your Father. Imagine receiving supernatural help and guidance in every aspect of your life. "
Seems like some people have already imagined that, and have done their best to turn the imagination into reality.;)  
"From what I understand, some shepherds in a mountain cave found the Dead Sea scrolls. The text therein confirms some of the scripture in the Christian Bible."
and.. the text belongs to a date earlier than the Christian Bible.  

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