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Re: net administration question for SpeedRacer

10/22/2004 1:44 PM
SpeedRacerRe: net administration question for SpeedRacer
Here is a good article on porting VB apps to linux or mac (and win32) platforms. This could be another way to solve your problem - to be able to use a common framework to write agents for any platform..  
re; zen inventory - comes with zenworks. there are no 'add on' modules in zen. it's a suite of apps, inventory is just one of them. they may not have installed it, but they own it for sure. do an nslookup on zenwsimport or check your hosts file for an entry for zenwsimport. that would indicate that inventory is set up and running. it's too bad so many admins at large orgs keep tools like this from getting used. it's just plain stupid IMHO.

Dutch }[QUOTE]Here is a good arti... -- 10/22/2004 4:19 PM
Dutch Re: on a lighter note.... -- 10/22/2004 4:42 PM