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previous: Bill Gray I was wondering if anyone here know... -- 2/20/2004 8:17 AM View Thread

Re: Oahu amps

2/20/2004 11:12 AM
Rob Mercure
Re: Oahu amps
Hey Bill,  
Oahus pop up on Ampage from time to time and someone will probably come up with a schematic eventually. But.... this is a pretty simple amp - two double triodes, two beam power tubes and a rectifier, so you could probably draw out the schematic in an hour or so yourself - great practice for service work!. As far as hum goes the filters - like you stated - or poorly grounded inputs. The popping might be dirty tube sockets (need to be cleaned on a vintage machine), dirty controls, and, again, dirty input/output jacks. Or perhaps something more "exotic" such as a cracked resistor/cap.  

Bill Gray Rob -Thanks for the answer.... -- 2/21/2004 3:49 PM