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Buzzing and crackling sound..?

9/13/2004 6:02 AM
Tommy Dale
Buzzing and crackling sound..?
My self-made strat, with Joe Barden pickups, sound pretty good. But there is a problem. When I change position on the 5-way switch, it makes a lot of noise. It sounds like there is a bad connection, or some ground problems. And even worse, after I have changed position, the sound is really weak and buzzing. If I tap the switch, or wrigle it a little, the sound is ok, but after playing a bit, the problem returns.  
I checked the connections, and it all looks ok. Could this simply be a bad-switch problem? I had my doubts about the switch I got, it looked kind of cheap.  
Would a bad switch cause problems like this?  

Bob definitely sounds like either a bad... -- 9/13/2004 3:55 PM