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Re: Semihollow (AS120) wiring

5/28/2004 1:12 PM
David WarrenRe: Semihollow (AS120) wiring
I'm surprised somebody hasn't answered this one already.  
Yes, working on semi-hollowbodies can be a pain. But the controls on that guitar are wired as a harness. You should be able to loosen the volume pot without the pot falling into the body "unattached". Anyway, it can't get too far. You should be able to get your fingers onto the pot through the F hole cutout. Once you've pulled the pot out, then take something like masking tape, that won't hurt the guitar finish, and tape the leads slack to the guitar top. Use something as a protective barrier, like a piece of cardboard, and de-solder the pot, and replace it, wired exactly as the original. It should be a 500K pot.  
I have an Ibanez AS-200 with Super 58 pickups. I think that these are great pickups. I thought the AS-120 had these, but maybe not. But mine were made over 20 years ago, so they may not really be the same pickups. If you change pickups you'll likely have to change pickup rings, if they're like those on my guitar, as mine have two height adjustment screw holes per side. A Duncan Jazz and a '59 Bridge are safe bets for replacements. They can be purchased with the metal covers, if you prefer. Alot of folks like the Gibson Burstbuckers, too. Or, get SK to rewind yours. Or, try to adjust the screw and pickup heights before you give up on the stock pickups.

Ben N David,Thanks! That is very hel... -- 5/28/2004 5:40 PM