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Re: another one, ampeg B3

9/4/2004 4:58 PM
Re: another one, ampeg B3
Thank you friends, honestly.  
I'm know in the proccess of metabolizing your help (knowledge).  
I powered the thing very slowly step by step up to half the voltage and everything seems on specs. I don't have the guts to go up to the real voltages for the moment :)  
almost joking... almost. Right now I am not ready to accept I need to buy transistors in bulk loads :)  
Do you wear safety goggles when you first fire an amp after a repair? Now I do... It's the second time I have seen a big black bit of a transistor or a rectifier diode jumping out of the chassis. The first time was with a tube Klemt Echolette, or was it a Binson, and when I fired it up I heard a loud snap noise that made me close my eyes and then I saw half of one of the big rectifier diodes inside the chassis and the other half on the floor.

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