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12/17/2002 4:42 AM
VINTAGE Mystery Amplifiers of Macon, Georgia, well known for the 'LITTLE MARTHA' guitar amplifier has contracted with JB AUDIO of Lake City, Michigan to build guitar amplifier chassis for their new line of guitar amplifiers.  
The article listed last month, referred to a '6550' vacuum tube class 'A' single-ended design will be called the HARMONY PRO. The HARMONY PRO will have bias metering on the amplifier to balance each final amplifier power tube for equal plate current. This tuning was only performed by electronic technicans in the past. Now, anyone can balance their final amplifier. This is very handy for tube swapping or tube replacement. Another feature, 'DIAL-A-WATT' (patent pending), controls the amplifier final stage to set overdriving the final amplifier without adjusting the preamp volume all the way up. Tracking bias with applied B+ will control this design to perform within accepted vacuum tube operating parameters. This flexibility allows final stage overdrive at low, medium or high volumes. The single-ended design allows the second harmonics developed in the same stage to be amplified. Common push-pull designs cancels the second harmonic as generated in the final section. The HARMONY PRO will 'sing like lark' with the pleasing second order & other even-order harmonics per JB AUDIO designer JIMMY.  
The VMA design new guitar amplifier will combine a famous vintage Marshall & Fender type guitar amplifier in one cabinet. These two famous vintage designs in one cabinet will be perhaps the most flexible vintage guitar amplifier ever.  
JB AUDIO is prototyping the JBL 'D' series of speakers and the vintage TRUSONIC. Tuning of the new speakers involves audio spectrum analysis using a software program called WIN AUDIO MLS PRO. After fine tuning, the new speakers audio signature will match the old designs. The original tone will finally be available in a new package with the true vintage tone. Part of the vintage 'treasured' tone is due to use of alinco magnets. Watch the progress of these new products in Vintage Guitar Magazine advertising. The guitar amplifiers will be released early winter and the new speakers will be released once stock amplifier production meets minimum stock requirements.

O'Connor Your "Dial-a-watt" cannot be patent... -- 12/23/2002 7:29 AM