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Putting 2-channel JCM800's out of their misery?

9/3/2004 1:26 PM
Rich StevensPutting 2-channel JCM800's out of their misery?
I'm a fan of MV Marshalls. Over the years, I've owned JMP and JCM versions of both the 2203 and 2204. After years with nothing, I'd really like to have a 4010 around the house (2203 chassis in a 1-12 combo box).  
But prices for all-tube Marshalls (even the lowly 4010) have gone through the roof. So I starts thinking, why not buy a 2-channel JCM, rip out the diode clipping circuit, and convert it back to a 2204. If I wanted to get fancy, I could use an extra 12AX7 to put it a footswitchable gain stage.  
But then I looked at the schematic. Jeez! Could thay have possibly made the 2205 preamp any more different than the 2204. They appear to have almost NOTHING in common. At first glance, it seems like I'd have to completely gut the preamp and start over from scratch.  
Has anyone similarly "improved" a JCM channel-switcher to the point of tonal acceptability? Is there an easier way?

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