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6v6 at 470volt ?

6/16/2004 6:04 PM
6v6 at 470volt ?
Hi all  
I've been running my -72 Marshall 50watt cathodebiased ( to reduse anode-cathode voltage ) with 6v6 for a while and it works but it just dont sound the same as when the cathode is straight to i was looking around and had a look at some old Musicman schematics and found that they run EL34's with almost 700 volts on the anodes..this would normaly fry EL34's but the trick was that they had a voltage devider, taking the screen grid voltage down to 350 volts. and IIRC they where pretty reliable...does anyone here know if I could do the same trick with my would mean 470V on the 6v6 anodes and around 235V on the screen grids..CAN THE 6V6s TAKE IT?  
in the Musicman's the Cathode is raised about thirty volts but they still run with way higher voltages than those tubes are supposed to handle...  
thanks for any help..  

Carl Gigun The JJ 6V6 are said to handle 500V ... -- 6/17/2004 4:16 AM
Ben N I don't know about 6V6s, but isn't ... -- 6/17/2004 9:09 PM