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Re: Tube distortion with SS devices

10/8/2004 4:04 PM
Re: Tube distortion with SS devices
This is a subject I have spent many years and a small fortune on. I have not read the entire thread but will get to it this weekend. From a first glance I can say that the author is looking at many of the same things I have. His techniques can get pretty close to a tube type sound but there will always be some little nuance missing and another you created unexpectantly that you can't eliminate.  
Musicians always want the best sound possible. For electric guitars, that means a tube amp. If a SS amp was available that sounded better, it would be used. "Almost as good as" is not good enough. For certain styles of music SS bass amps are popular with bass players because, for that style, they sound better. As long as tube amps are affordable and they sound the best for the style of music muscians want to play, they'll be the first and only choice.

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