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Re: Need A 1200V 5HY Choke

10/5/2004 11:26 AM
Re: Need A 1200V 5HY Choke
A wild suggestion; if you are mounting the choke internally in your chassis, you may consider isolating the choke frame from the chassis with insulated standoffs, and adding heat shrink to the leads so that they may be thickened to withstand the B+. You should also clear this method with Hammond tech support also, they may not think this would work or would be safe.  
I have a pair of 211 monoblocks in my stereo that I designed and built, they have around 1100V B+ IIRC. I am using 6AX4 damper diodes in a bridge rectifier, using standard Stancor 6.3V 1.2A filament transformers, one on each rectifier. The pi filter PS uses polypropylene in oil filter caps and military inductors I pulled out of an old power supply (can't recall the inductor value or rating). Using standard wire and transformers, and standard ceramic tube sockets, with careful layout, the amps have operated flawlessly for almost 10 years. From this experience, my guess is that there is a good chance you can get the 1000V choke to work.

loudthud One gotcha on the putting the choke... -- 10/5/2004 3:41 PM