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Re: Signal Generator-What to get???

9/8/2004 7:00 PM
Rich StevensRe: Signal Generator-What to get???
I'm using a 7-year-old Pioneer portable CD player with a CD I burned with test tones, 100 - 10 khz. I used to use it in the car, but now I have an in-dash CD player, so this lil' puppy was sitting around. It needs a rubber band to keep the lid shut. When it's not signal-generating, it plays real music CDs in the workshop through a cast-off pair of powered computer speakers.  
Total cost: $0  
Sacrificing my remaining self-esteem in the eyes of the DIY community: Priceless

bob p in lieu of having a signal generato... -- 9/8/2004 7:37 PM