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Re: Pots?

8/19/2004 2:55 PM
Tommy Dale
Re: Pots?
Thanks for the tips. I'm looking at the Weber pots, since those were the only ones I haven't seen before.  
But I'm a bit in doubt about what pot to choose. Some pots cost 1,50$ and other costs 30$. There must be a difference...I'm sure the most expencive ones are over priced, but is a 1,50 pot a good pot? Does Matchless, or any of the boutique amp makers, use cheap pots like that?  
I want to make sure that the pots don't make any noise, and that they are reliable in all ways. I feel that buying a 30$ pot will ensure this, but it seems to be way more expencive than it needs to be...  

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