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Re: 50W not enough for Cleans in a Band sit.?

7/2/2004 3:51 PM
giustdRe: 50W not enough for Cleans in a Band sit.?
" The other guitar player blasts away through a 100W or 50W Plexi and a shitload of Boutique pedals. Really loud."  
aaahh, youth... Get him to turn down, that's the easiest and least expensive solution, and it'll save your hearing.At the very least get him to turn his cabinet around facing the wall, preferably with some sound absorbtion, so he's not cutting everyone's head off. Marshalls are lethal at high volume, that ice pick high end and ratty midrange will kill ya. Keep in mind that a big distorted sound will always SEEM louder than a clean tone because of all the overtones.  
Good luck.

Dominik Hi guistd,well at 40 plus, ... -- 7/2/2004 4:45 PM